Biografias de SUG

Name : takeru

Part : Vocal
Blood type : O
Birthday : May 11th
Height : 162cm
Weight : 49kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : watching a movie, Shopping, searching beautiful things
Favorite brand : MALKOMALKA, PhilipBrown, ktz, bernhard willhelm, galaxxxy, GUT'S, DYNAMITE CABARETS, LINDA, SLY, SPX, LOS VEGA, NEW ERA
Perfume : BOUDOIR
Favorite word : ????(TAIZAN HOKUTO)
Message : show me your charming smile only toward to me?

Name : masato

Part : Guitar
Blood type : A
Birthday : May 26th
Height : 167cm
Weight : 51kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : to view a landscape from my transportation.
Favorite brand : DRESS CAMP, DITA
Perfume : Pink Sugar
Favorite word : a dream and a hope
Message : Let's laughs out together and enjoy wonderful time!

Name : yuji

Part : Guitar
Blood type : B
Birthday : October 21st
Height : 168cm
Weight : 52kg
Foot size : 26.5cm
Hobby : reading a comic book?playing game
Favorite brand : Nintendo, Gibson, Fender, PRS
Perfume : None
Favorite word : ??????(nazo idenshi), ????(anzen dai-ichi)
Message : Let's have a fun?

Name : Chiyu

Part : Bass
Blood type : O
Birthday : December 27th
Height : 174cm
Weight : 56kg
Foot size : 27.5cm
Hobby : Shopping, billiards, and boring
Favorite brand : PPFM, RUPERT, PATRICK COX, GUCCI, Justin Davis
Perfume : BVLGARI pour Homme
Favorite word : ??????(naseba naru)
Message : welcome to a fatal community [yah]?

Name : shinpei

Part : Drum

Blood type : O

Birthday : March 20th

Height : 158cm

Weight : 40kg

Foot size : 24.5cm

Hobby : to take a nap

Favorite brand : Vivienne Westwood, PPFM


Favorite word : ??????? (narauyori narero)

Message : Nice to meet you! Please give your support?